Copyright notice

Zorange Game Center is a platform that provides various services for third parties, including but not limited to providing release and promotion channels for third-party game applications. As a neutral platform service provider, Zorange Game Center is committed to establishing a fair, open and just game promotion platform for the majority of game operators.

While promoting game content for third parties and providing massive game resource links for users, Zorange Game Center always attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and other user rights. As a service operator, Zorange Game Center does not store or perform editing operations for all games. If you believe that the game and its content on the Zorange Game Center infringe your legal rights, please send an email to the Zorange Game Center, the email address: customer-service@flash.cn, and indicate the name of the right holder and the infringing content in the subject of the email. Zorange Game Center will follow the relevant laws based on the materials provided by you, and delete the infringing content after review and verification.