What is Zorange?

Zorange game platform is a global game partner authorized by Adobe, which is committed to connecting the world with games and providing game products worthy of love for players all over the world.Zorange desktop version allows players to play favorite web games and classic Flash games on the PC platform. The software has a built-in and continuously updated genuine Flash Player to help players get a smoother gaming experience;

At the same time, Zoorange is committed to providing a full range of Flash Player game solutions for global game developers, enabling users to use Flash to develop your own games and deploy them on multiple desktops and mobile devices.

In the future, Zoorange will continue to focus on bringing unforgettable game experiences to players, providing continuous solutions for game developers, and growing together with the industry.

Based on Adobe Flash Player technology

Zhongcheng Network-the exclusive official publisher of Adobe Flayer

Zorange makes it more convenient
for users to run flash games

We embed the genuine Flash Player authori
zed by Adobe, which supports running all kinds of flash games, page games, and also supports running H5 games. Here, the game types are more complete and the game experience is better.
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Zorange allows users to play more
and more fun games

Nearly 10,000 games are collected on the platform. In zorange, you can play more classic nostalgic games, and it will be opened faster and more convenient; more exciting games will continue to be updated. Download now

Zorange provides complete solutions
for Flash game developers

Developers can continue to use Flash to develop their own games and deploy them on multiple desktops or mobile devices. At the same time, they can be promoted globally on the Zoorange client. Download now

Zorange can embed Flash player and
support to play flash games

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